Artemis has created a new paradigm in cleaning and maintenance services in the high-end retail sector. Why? Because we both know and understand our client’s business.

Each client is unique and has specific needs. That is why we do not standardize processes, but instead design unique work programes for each client that are periodically reviewed and adapted to their latest needs.

At Artemis, it is our aim to be so much more than just a cleaning and maintenance company.
Our mission is to create hygienically clean, healthy and pleasant business environments.
We are the best solution for the retail sector.


Whether they be cleaning, maintenance or office staff, all of our employees are subject to a rigorous selection process and receive continuous training that places customer satisfaction at the heart, enabling them to carry out their tasks in shop cleaning in the most effective way.

Our staff are also trained in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Act and implement all the necessary safety measures for preventing possible accidents.


We have the most innovative cleaning resources on the market and implement new techniques in order to be more efficient every day.


We continuously monitor each workplace and maintain regular contact with the client in order to rapidly detect any problems that may arise and solve them quickly and effectively.


We are environmentally friendly in all respects.
We use ecological products and tools of the highest quality and that are not harmful to human health or the environment, with safety data sheets according to ISO / OHSAS standards.

We promote responsible consumption of the water, energy and cleaning products we use.
We recycle packaging to take care of our planet.