Your customers expect and deserve a clean and appealing shopping experience every time they walk through your door. Professional retail store cleaning services also create a more welcoming environment that encourages customers to stay in your shop for longer and increases the chances of them returning again.

We design specific cleaning plans for you, according to your needs, the schedule that suits you best and your specific situation, which include the following services:


We seek out the commercial cleaning staff that best fit the client profile, ensuring that they are always the same people and that they are specially trained in understanding the client’s needs, providing maximum discretion and sensitivity, all while displaying impeccable manners. We endeavor to make our staff feel part of your project and be fully in sync with your business as they interact with your space, providing you with a service that covers your real cleaning needs.


The first impression is the one that counts, and the first thing that the customer sees before entering the shop is the window. This is especially true in the luxury sector, in which a lot of time and resources are spent on designing shop windows in order to create attractive places for a shopping experience.
Don’t let your shop windows be ruined by raindrops from the previous day or the fingerprints of those who cannot help but point out that garment that they have fallen in love with.


Although it may not always feel like it, all building works do come to an end and at Artemis, we try to make this as pleasant as possible, leaving the new shop as it appears in the architectural renderings: without a speck of dust.


We are not afraid of heights and there is no site that is too difficult for our staff to access. Tell us your case and we will be sure to find the best retail solution for you, even if it is hung from a harness!


No matter how niche or difficult it may appear, if you need it, we will provide it.

We also know that your business requires high standards in every sense.
That is why we seek out the staff that perfectly match your profile, who know how to meet and empathise with your real needs, not only when it comes to cleaning, but also in terms of discretion and sensitivity, ensuring minimum staff turnover.