Sometimes, unexpected things happen. For such times, we are the team you can count on, not just for scheduled visits for upholstery and floor repairs, but also for emergencies. Our retail maintenance services include emergency locksmithing as well as our handyman service for all your everyday needs.

Our maintenance services include:


Locked out? Whether it’s because your key isn’t working or the lock has been tampered with by third parties, we will be there to make sure your shop opens on time.


Every house has its handyman and, for the retail sector, Artemis places at your service retail store maintenance professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to make those small repairs that make the details count.


In other words, the art of change without having to change chairs, armchairs or couches. Simple solutions that give your shop a new look include wall lining and carpet restoration. We work with the best professionals who practically carry out their work by hand.


Glass cabinets and shelves suffer enormous amounts of wear and tear as they are exposed to constant scratches. This type of furniture is used to highlight the product on display, so keeping it in perfect condition is a must. The container is as important as the content.


Scratches, crusting, graffiti, radial projection, impacts, welding splashes, chipping, cracks, chinks… The “face” of your shop is also its most fragile part. For this reason, we have an extensive repair service for glass and glazed surface-related damage. In extreme cases, we are also able to replace the affected surface.


Your shop can’t afford a mistake that affects whether an item is sold. That is why our painting service ranges from integral work to adapting areas that suffer the most damage, such as changing rooms and facades. We have a varied color chart and the very best brands of waterproof and anti-chafe paint.


Your shop’s furniture has been chosen with care, observing a specific interior design project. In the case of any unforeseen event, such as a small scratch or if you’ve had to use a slat to support a pane, we can repair your furniture and make it look like new.


Without a doubt, the floor is the part of any commercial space that goes through the most. Choosing the right one was definitely not an easy decision, with many factors to consider. At Artemis, our Retail Cleaning service will take care of it with the very best products and if it has been damaged, we can repair it without having to change the entire surface.


We know that in your shop, the backstage is just as important as the front. This is why we have retail maintenance services staff who can help you as reinforcement in your storage area at specific times, keeping everything perfectly ordered and providing a quick response, always adhering to the organization system that best suits you.


Don’t worry. We take care of removing and disposing of bulky items at controlled sites, respecting municipal and environmental regulations.


With the utmost discretion and respecting all confidentiality and data protection regulations.

We are here for you, at any time and in any of the areas where we work.